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Sanctioned College WFPF Schools:
(What is a Sanctioned WFPF School? Want to become a Sanctioned WFPF School?) 

University of Massachusetts- Amherst (website) 
Indiana University- Bloomington (website) 
University of Virginia (website) 
Oral Roberts University (website)

University of Pittsburgh


Roger Williams University (website)

Colleges and Universities with Recognized Parkour and Freerunning Student Organizations: (Is your group recognized as an official student organization at a College or University? Not on the list? Know of a group not on the list? Want to add info? Email us at




University of Massachusetts Amherst Parkour- UMass Parkour


University of Pittsburgh Parkour and Freerunning Club - Panther Parkour


Carnegie Mellon University Parkour-


Roger Williams University Parkour


University of Pennsylvania


Wentworth Institute of Technology


Rowan University Parkour/Freerunning


Champlain College Parkour & Freerunning (PK/FR) 




University of Virginia Parkour Association


North Carolina State University Parkour


Auburn University Parkour


University of Georgia;jsessionid=183560D8EDF7FFB18EAACF8049EE9066?id=0040b8b019c42bff0119c8c7f2150006


St Edwards University Parkour


Parkour Club at Virginia Commonwealth University (PKVCU)


University of Texas at Austin- “Parkour Austin”


Virginia Tech Parkour and Freerunning





University of Michigan Parkour


Parkour and Free Running at Indiana University 


Western Michigan University Parkour - PK-ZOO Parkour Kalamazoo


Oral Roberts University- “Free Running on Earth for Eternity (FREE)”


University of Minnesota-Morris Parkour


Montana State University- “Bozeman Parkour”


University of Minnesota Parkour


Minnesota State University Parkour


University of Wisconsin, La Crosse-


Iowa State University Parkour and FreeRunning Club (ISUPK)


University of Illinois

Carleton College - Parkour Club



UA Parkour- University of Arizona Parkour club



Washington State University


Fresno State Parkour


Arizona State university- “Matrix Parkour”


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