USA Parkour - Insuring the Movement

 USA Parkour, a division of the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF), is a national organization devoted to the safe and responsible growth of parkour/freerunning, providing comprehensive insurance, teaching certification and support to gyms, grass roots organizations and college teams who share our vision of parkour as a unique, progressive discipline and philosophy.

Our mission is to serve the PK/FR community and to facilitate the “open-source” evolution of parkour as it takes its next inevitable steps into the mainstream of US sport. While we respect parkour as a self-taught discipline, teaching others naturally necessitates an added responsibility. Currently, USA Parkour is pleased to provide consultation to grass roots and established organizations at little or no cost, to facilitate competitive and non-competitive event sanctioning, and to offer a teaching certification program and competitively-priced Parkour insurance product for gymnastics gyms and other facilities underwritten by a National A+ XV rated Insurance Carrier.

I’m a Gym Owner…What Does Parkour Insurance Mean For Me?

Glad you asked! Essentially what this means is that it is now actually possible to obtain PARKOUR SPECIFIC insurance. No more
“urban gymnastics” and the risk of your insurance company rejecting a claim when they find out it’s really parkour. Also, by hiring
athletes who have completed our certification program, you know you’re getting the best and most thorough instruction out there.

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I’m an Athlete…What Does Parkour Insurance Mean For Me?

Our certification actually means something. With it, you will not only be prepared to teach freerunning and parkour, but will also
be able to instruct at a USA Parkour facility. No programs in your area? Start one! You not only have the skills to teach, but real
insurance and an attractive program to take to your local gym. More jobs for more tracuers and tracueses…plain and simple.

I’m a College Club…What Does Parkour Insurance Mean For Me?

Your university is probably skeptical. They don’t quite understand what it is you do and their biggest concern is their own liability.
With our “Parkour Only” plan, you can get coverage for your club to train outside and instruct. Give us a ring and we’ll tell you a bit
more about how you can also make a bit of money for your club through joining USA Parkour.
(Don’t worry, the “Parkour Only” plan covers Freerunning too)

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