USAP College Member Club or Organization

Is a student organization or club recognized by the institution, in good standing with the institution and is a sanctioned USAP College member. 

How do I become a USAP College member club or organization?

1) Email us at and tell us about your club! 


2) Sign and return to USAP College the USA Parkour Collegiate Membership Agreement.


3) Sign and return to USAP College the USAP College Code of Conduct.


*Currently our membership requires no more than the above steps and is valid for the 2013-2014 academic year. As we provide more to our members our membership may change. Online membership coming soon to

    1. -Right to use USAP name and branded college logo on printed, and online materials and team clothing.

      -Listing on the USAP College page, with a link to your individual group page, website and/or Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter.

      -Personal USAP College club building support with group websites and/or Facebook pages, campus fundraising, advertising and sponsorship for group promotion.

      - Exposure of your club or organization videos on WFPF YouTube channel, Twitter or other media outlets.

      -National/international club exposure and promotion on Facebook supported by WFPF or USAP College social media team.

      -Membership in the first online intercollegiate parkour network where you can share, learn from and mentor other emerging college parkour teams.

      -Access to our ever-growing community outreach programing initiatives, video contests and other student and club specific website content.

         -10% discount on KO parkour shoes and other KO and WFPF gear.

      -Opportunities for reselling WFPF, KO and USAP products for promoting and club revenue as a local WFPF, KO and USAP retailor.

      -A letter signed by USAP College Directors, giving your group further legitimacy as a recognized USAP College member club or organization. 


      It is our goal to help current parkour and freerunning clubs grow! This membership clubs resources to ensure the strength and survival of clubs on college campuses. We offer ways to ensure the safe practice of parkour on a college campus. We give clubs ways to unite as a community through intercollegiate events and give opportunities to mentor groups who are striving to become officially recognized by their institution. As a USAP College club or organization you have the unique opportunity to directly mentor and support other groups/clubs become recognized at their college/university. 


    1. USAP College clubs or organizations are not affiliates of the WFPF, are collegiate members of USA Parkour and are separate and distinct from WFPF affiliation under USAP College. USAP College clubs or organizations are in agreement with USA Parkour and the WFPF for each academic year, with the ability to renew or cease collegiate membership eligibility for the members of the USAP College club or organization. Club or organization agreements outline the benefits and guidelines for membership that are being offered and agreed upon by USA Parkour and the USAP College club or organization, respectively. By signing the agreement clubs or organizations are officially given access to the collegiate membership benefits only attained and enjoyed by those individual members of the USAP College club or organization that have registered as collegiate members of USA Parkour. By no means does this agreement or does registration as a collegiate member of USA Parkour, restrict your club, organization or individual registered member’s freedom to be affiliated with, use the resources of or partner with other parkour organizations or other for profit companies. USAP College, a division of USA Parkour and the World Freerunning Parkour Federation only asks that you have no other INTERNATIONAL parkour federation or sporting federation membership.



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